# Upgrade & Migration

Since the first release of Crawlab, there were a number of major releases whose fundamental architectures are quite different. Therefore, if you would like to migrate to the latest version from old versions, you can refer to the migration guide below.

# v0.6

Crawlab v0.6 is a major release with enhanced stability, scalability and functionalities. If you would like to upgrade to this version, please refer to v0.6 Migration Guide.

# v0.5

Crawlab v0.5 is the first stable version. For details, please refer to v0.5 Documentation (opens new window) .

# Feature Comparisons

Feature v0.6 v0.5
Node Management
Spider Deployment
Spider Code Editing
Spider Stats
Framework Integration
Data Storage Integration
Git Integration
Task Scheduling
Task Logging
Task Stats
Scheduled Tasks
User Management
Dependency Management
Customized Plugins
Configurable Spiders ❌ (Temporary)